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We are young, ambitious, and insipred. We are building a propserous Somalia through entreprenurship and innovation.

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We are more than a tech hub; we’re a community of innovators, techies, social entrepreneurs, students, IT geeks, government officials, banks and a growing number of SMEs who are shaping and disrupting Somali’s multifaceted socio-economic challenges.

We are committed to strengthening and building a sustainable local ecosystem through various programs. In honoring this, we pioneered and launched a number of initiatives -- ranging from local governance to coding school that is aimed at investing in the next generation of software engineers. Our initiatives are led by a competent team who have passion and desire in driving social-impact solutions. Each initiative offers a unique solution that is blended with innovation and social disruption.

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Our pillars


We believe, the path for digital economic growth lies through collaboration and the use of technology in an effective way


To produce innovative ideas and solutions, we areguided by the thinking-outside-the box mentality.


We strive to bring on-board everyone who wants to be part on this journey without any discrimination.


Building and nurturing a community with diverse skills and common agenda.

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