Dalbile Youth Initiative

European Union’s Inclusive and Local Economic Development (ILED) investment in Somalia.

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One of the pressing concerns confronting youth is the lack of access to suitable livelihood, Dalbile project empowers Somali youth through quality education, & business skills. Young people require employment counseling, mentoring, & ongoing coaching to realize their full potential

a socio-economic program that rides on the sole objective of investing Somali youth with skills and resources.

Dalbile youth Initiative

Dalbile Initiative aims to empower Somali youth with skills, resources and grant so as to realize their full potentials to increase and accelerating the socio-economic opportunities for youth. Dalbile Initiative offers various training & mentorship programs that include Bootcamps, Life Skills and Digital Literacy to inspiring youths who have earlier-stage business idea and receive investment grant in the end making their ideas into real business.

We exist to ensure that Somali young men and women have access to all the necessary skills and resources they need to unlock their potential.

Training EmpoweringMentoringElevating  Somali Youths to new heights

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